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LED Electronic Message Centers

Outdoor LED Sign Message CenterIndoor and Outdoor LED Message Centers and Displays...extraordinary price to performance ratios. When you contact LED Sign Authority, we will work extremely hard to provide you with the electronic LED sign solution that is best for your business in terms of price, value and visibility. New technological advancements in electronic message centers and LED sign illumination have created a whole new realm of possibilities for affordable advertising. Please take a moment to browse through our LED Sign Catalog, you'll be glad you did.


Outdoor LED Signs...The Easy Way to Make Street Traffic Your Traffic

Is your business missing in action along your street? Is it passed, unnoticed, by thousands of motorists each day due to an inadequate, antiquated or missing sign? Without adequate signage your business is losing money. An electronic message center costs less per month than any other major advertising media. A LED Electronic Message Center supports your media effort by reinforcing your message at the point of purchase. Your message reaches each consumer that stops or passes by your location everyday. Using an LED message centers means instantaneous advertising and quick reaction to change that can influence potential customers. ____________________________________

Scrolling LED Signs get the Word Out

Indoor LED Moving Message Boards

How do you promote your specific events, update specials and communicate to the public?  Get your message across in an inexpensive, eye-catching way with an affordable tri-color LED Electronic Moving Message Display. Just plug-n-run! Easy to operate, indoor LED scrolling message signs have so many uses, you will constantly find new ways to utilize it.


Are You Invisible to Your Customers?

Indoor L.E.D. Signs

Business LED Signs will spark interest and get potential customers into your store. Add a flashing LED sign and your business can now stand out from the competition at a price that won't break the bank.  __________________________________________

Scrolling LED Commercial Awning -  COMING SOON

Looking for a way to add signage to your storefront? Have a commercial awning needing a face lift? Integrated LED panels can now provide you with the best of both worlds. Make your canopy message central with this innovative new approach to LED signage. Patent pending.


Scrolling LED Messages on the Go!

Automotive LED Scrolling Message Boards for Car LED Signsyour car become mobile billboards with real time updates. Communicate advertising or a political message, with memorable, professional style, to hundreds or thousands of viewers every day from the comfort of your own car with an LED scrolling message sign in your back window.


Outdoor Color LED Sign


Your Message Your Way

Indoor Custom LED Signs

Now you can build your own indoor Custom LED sign online. Indoor LED signs are an affordable advertising solution that packs a punch. Visible 24 hours a day, light emitting diodes (LED) signs are as bright as neon, yet more energy efficient and durable. Hang in a window or on a wall.


Reach Outdoor Customers From Inside with Sunbrite Window LED Signs

SunBrite LED Message Signs

Vivid, moving LED message signs are designed to catch the eye of impulse shoppers even in the glare of the afternoon sun. Window LED Signs are perfect for street-level retail locations, shopping centers, banks and convenience stores. Although it is outdoor bright, an LED super bright scrolling window sign is installed inside the storefront, so there is no need for a sign permit in most locations.


LED Channel Letter Signs

LED Channel Letters

LED Channel Letters provide up to 100,000 hours of illumination and are virtually maintenance free. We offer UL listed LED channel letters in a variety of stock designs to meet your individual needs at an affordable price. We are also here to help you develop your custom LED channel letter sign, whether individually mounted,  raceway mounted, or with vinyl applications. __________________________________________

AdsUp Mobile LED Sign Trailer

Need a unique way to make an effective impression? If  you have a fundraiser, product launch, tradeshow, festival, or upcoming sales event, cut through the clutter of advertising signage with our onsite LED trailer. Advertise your event anywhere and anytime with our self contained mobile LED Trailer. Whether inside or outside, rain or shine, our LED sign trailer and your message will be seen high above the clutter. The future of information sharing is undoubtedly LED displays and our mobile LED displays allows you to display your message using the latest and most effective onsite advertising tool available. 


  • LED Sign Authority offers a large selection of indoor moving message displays, outdoor electronic signs, LED open signs and programmable moving message signs.
  • Most electronic LED signs can be networked and connected to a computer to form an integrated, visual information system.
  • Digital LED displays are programmed in several ways: locally by infrared wireless remote; connecting the LED electronic sign directly to a PC via serial ports; or via wireless communication or modem communication with an Ethernet adapter integrated to an existing LAN-WAN.
  • LED signs may be programmed from a centralized location using a PC running Windows based LED sign software.
  • Electronic digital signs are available in multiple configurations including single-line scrolling signs, multi-line message boards, full-matrix moving message signs, large scale full color electronic outdoor sign.
  • Indoor and outdoor LED scrolling message signs can be used at schools, churches, banks and retail stores. LED signs provide real-time information, increase traffic and promote your business.  Use LED signs to improve production and communication in the workplace.

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